General Info

General Information: Executive Drive Apartments 2018

Rick Wells serves as our maintenance and property manager. He lives nearby and is available via phone or text message.

Tenants pay for all utilities (gas, electric, etc.) unless otherwise stated or arranged. All of our units have the water/sewer service fees included in the rental price.

All units have modern gas-fired furnaces and hot water heaters plus code compliant fire/smoke and CO detectors. All units have programmable thermostats and GFI outlets in kitchens and bathrooms.

We provide trash service, recycling service, snow removal, and general maintenance of the buildings and grounds. Tenants are responsible for snow removal from their entry ways and advised to have a snow shovel for making a pathway to their cars. Our snow plow service generally clears the roadway and the center of the parking areas early in the morning. They return mid-morning to clear the parking spaces.


Tenants are responsible for setting up their own service accounts for Gas, Electric, etc. prior to moving in.

Clean, efficient Natural Gas from Canada is supplied by VT GAS. Call VT Gas Customer Service at 1-802-863-4511 or e-mail them at .

Electric service by Green Mountain Power Company. Call GMP Customer Service at 1 (888) 835-4672 or e-mail GMP at .

All units have access to cable service from Comcast . Call Comcast Customer Service at 1-800-934-6489.

All units have access to phone service from Fairpoint. Call Fairpoint Customer Service at 1-866-984-2001.

All units can have access to satellite service from DirecTV. Call DirectTV at 1-855-641-5895.

Most of our tenants use cellular service for their primary phone. Cell services from Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, etc. work well from our location.

Comcast offers broadband internet service plus VOIP options. Fairpoint offers DSL connections.

We have a WiFi network on the property. All residents are able to access the internet through this network. This connection works well for checking your email and light internet browsing. If you do heavy duty gaming, video downloading, etc., a separate broadband connection will be needed. The Xfinity packages from Comcast have been quite popular recently.