Lease Terms

Some Specific Lease Conditions:

SAMPLE Lease 2018

       Our current standard lease has a ten (10) month minimum term. The lease converts to month-to-month at the end of the initial term (beginning in the 11th month).

      We require Credit Checks for all adult applicants; all adult residents are listed on the lease; all adult residents sign the lease unless otherwise agreed. We sometimes use co-signors on a lease when the tenant has an inadequate credit history.

      “No Pets” = NO EXCEPTIONS for declawed cats, perfect pups, ferrets, rabbits, reptiles, birds, etc.  [Sometimes cats are allowed with payment of $30/month “pet rent” +  a $300 “pet deposits”.]

      “No Smoking” in the units or in the buildings.

      “No Drugs” whether using, sharing, dealing – we’ll call the police. Plus there is a school next door so strict Federal rules are involved – i.e., mandatory sentences.

     “NO MARIJUANA USE, CULTIVATION OR POSSESSION” – the 2018 VT “pot bill” will not protect you.

      “No Partying” – we have a 10 PM to 10 AM Quiet Time.

      “No Underage Alcohol Consumption” – we’ll call the police. Vermont’s drinking age is 21.

      All residents have a “right to quiet enjoyment” of the premises – if you can’t be a good neighbor, you will not be staying in our neighborhood.

Smoking Policy for Executive Drive Apartments:
Since the Vermont Legislature, in it’s wisdom, has decided to allow “legal” marijuana growth and use as of July 1, 2018, I thought I should share a few policy points with you. 
Point #1 – Executive Drive Apartments has a “No Smoking” in the apartments policy. That means no smoking anything inside, be it tobacco, pot, ganga, etc. Also no inside  cigarettes, cigars, pipes, hookahs, water pipes, etc.
Point #2 – No drug use on the property, inside or outside. Any such activity breaks your lease.
Point #3 – No cultivation of marijuana for “personal use and consumption” on the property, inside or outside. 
Point #4 – No drug sales on the property. Note that the Federal law still as “mandatory sentences” for drug sales near a school, such as the International Children’s School at One Executive Drive.
Point #5 – Stepping outside for a smoke in warmer weather means that your neighbors will be inhaling your second hand smoke through their open windows. Please be considerate and step well away from the buildings while smoking.
Point #6 – VT’s “pot bill” does prohibit minors from being subjected to second hand smoke from someone using marijuana. There are even civil penalties and fines. The law is aiming at adults smoking in the house or the car but a neighbor would also be justified in complaining that their children were being subjected to your second hand smoke.
Point #7 – VT’s “pot bill” gives landlords the right to prohibit the cultivation or use of marijuana on their property.